Available Bond Programs are with preferred lenders.

Available for limited time only and limited funds.
Get yours before it is all gone.
With this down payment assistance on new homes, buyers
both first time home buyers and repeat home buyers can get
a no money down home loan or zero closing cost loan in
Grand Oaks by Lake Ridge.

Basic Qualifications:
Required Fico score of 620+
Purchase price not to exceed $316,177
Income limitations maximum:
Household 1-2 persons   $65,000
Household 3+ persons     $74,000

#77 Bond, NOW AVAILABLE. For all types of buyers.
Up to 4% down payment assistance.  5.10% interest,             
resets interest to lower rate or 4.60% after bond is
satisfied.   FOR ALL NEW HOME BUYERS with 620 credit
score with our preferred lender only. Most lenders require
min. 640 credit score. FHA is going to 640 in Jan of 2011.
So if you are in the range now, hurry and contract before
it is more difficult to qualify.

Bond 2009A for Teachers, Police, Firemen, & low income.
3% grant at 5.95% interest.
Applicants must be : Professional Educator,
Texas hero (police officer, fireman, etc.)
Home Sweet Texas 80% Income Limitations are:
1 person= $35,750, 2persons=$40,850 3 persons            
$45,950,   4 persons = $51,050, 5 persons $55,150,
6 persons  =$59,200, 7 persons =$63,300, 8 persons $67,400

0 down payment on new homes is available by using a bond
program to cover down payment requirements. A home buyer can
also get a no closing cost out of pocket deal worked out by the
seller paying closing costs. Seller pays some of the closing costs
as part of the incentive offered and remainder can be rolled into
the loan, or covered by another incentive program.
Lake Ridge Builders in Grand Oaks is a new home
subdivision that offers no down payment new homes, no
closing costs new homes, zero move in or whatever you call
it we can make your new home dream a reality

Common Fees:
Origination fees  1%
Discount Points 1%
Participations fees $375

Easy restrictions apply, as noted above, call Lou Stempfer for
details and make application to get qualified now before it's too
late. Call 281-704-1767
New home
buyers can still
build to order a
new home by the
end of August
and still move in
by Dec.1,2009.
Our build time is
less than 3
months from
start date.
So order your
new home to be
built now!
Down Payment
assistance programs
available now, in
Grand Oaks.
With preferred lenders* we pay
your first year, 12 month policy,
homeowners insurance,
mortgagees title policy and an
additional $500 for closing costs.
That saves you out of pocket
closing costs you would normally
have to pay at closing.
Saving you about $2000 to $2500.
With the down payment assistance
your down payment will be paid,
3.5% of sale price, and more of
your closing cost.
Call Lou now to get an appointment to get  
approved for a new home loan using down
payment assistance. Lou will take your
application in the Grand Oaks office.
Your application will be reviewed by a loan
officer while you wait. It only takes about 10
minutes to find out if you can qualify for a
beautiful home in beautiful Grand Oaks.
The process to own a new home in Grand
Oaks is so easy and hassle free you will be
pleasantly surprised.

Call me at 281-704-1767 now.
For directions
click here for map.
*Preferred lenders are Cornerstone Mortgage Network Funding and Flagstone Lending on FHA loans.